They are coming to the play.

Because someone invited them.
Because they’re interested in the story.
Because they like these actors.
Because this company has a good reputation.
Because their friend saw it and suggested they go.
Because they’re obliged.
Because they’d feel like a jerk if they missed it.
Because it looks compelling.
Because they like the design.
Because there are cool effects.
Because it seems new and different.
Because they heard an interview with someone involved and it piqued their curiosity.
Because they wanted to laugh.
Because they wanted to cry.
Because they wanted to feel something.
Because they wanted to be surprised or moved or affected in some way.
Because everyone’s going.
Because the critic gave it a good review.
Because the critic gave it a bad review.
Because it’s something outside of the realm of everyday.
Because it shakes things up.
Because it settles things down.
Because it helps them forget.
Because it helps them remember.


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