If his occulted guilt Do not itself unkennel in one speech, It is a damnéd ghost that we have seen, And my imaginations are as foul As Vulcan’s stithy?

Stithy? Is this like a smithy? It almost feels like a printing error. But of course, glossaries reveal that a stithy is an archaic form of smithy.
Vulcan is a smith – a blacksmith. . . and he fires his metals in fire. It’s an interesting image to have imaginations be foul. Well, a) to have imagination be plural – like imaginings, but it has a fun doubled quality.

I’d love to have more than one imagination. I’m pretty fond of the one I have – but because I have it, love exercising it, giving it rein to run wild, I think, well, more of a thing I love would be great. Like, more love, doesn’t suck. . .so more imagination would be great too.
With two imaginations I could give one a break while I attend to the other. And maybe each would have its own style. Like, I could imagine sci fi in one and film noir in another.
The imagination I do have, though, is precious and I’d hate to think of it fouled. I imagine Hamlet would prefer his to be true and clean as well.


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