Since my dear soul was mistress of her choice And could of men distinguish her election Sh’hath sealed thee for herself.

It is remarkable how such good men are unconvinced of their goodness, while those who never think of others, who drive forward with heedless desire, are sure they are worthy.

This line got me in my heart parts today because it occurred to me that this was true for me regarding my partner. I was particularly struck by the soul’s being a mistress of her choice. Previous to the man I’m with, I’m not sure my soul was mistress of her choice. I seemed to choose before out of some combination of lust and cultural programming. This led to lots of “Bad Boys” and child-men. It led to non-relationship relationships. It led to lots of unrequited dreaming.

Once my soul did the choosing, there was kindness and consideration. There was support. My soul is a much better chooser than I ever was.


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