I hope we have reformed that indifferently with us, sir.

Given Hamlet’s response to this line, I have to assume that “indifferently” means something different here than what I think of as indifferent – something more like “mostly” or “to the best of our ability.”
I mean, indifferent to me means without care. As in, I watched the sports game out of the corner of my eye indifferently.
But perhaps once upon a time, it might have meant something like “uniformly” at least that’s what taking the word apart might lead me to believe. Like – “in” different, like “un different, as in the same. I find it a curious choice of words from the First Player. It feels logical that the First Player means it in one way and Hamlet means it another. This exchange has the feeling of word play – but it is wordplay that is lost on me, due to my not QUITE knowing what in the heck the First Player means by indifferently.


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