But let your own discretion be your tutor.

Like I’ve said I like some discretion in my theatre. I know it’s not the fashion. But I like my theatre thoughtful. I like it discrete. And I especially like performers who can use their own discretion.

Reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking showed me something about my leadership. I lead best when I have followers who can do that, who are independent thinkers, who listen to their inner tutors, who honor their own discretion.

I do not do well with the opposite sort – the sort who need to be told what to do, who feel insecure unless they are following explicit instructions – the ones who’d rather let YOUR discretion be their tutors, having none of their own. I keep waiting for them to uncover their own wills, to grow, to discover their discretion for themselves while they spend a lot of time trying to convince me they have none.


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