I would have such a fellow shipped for o’erdoing Termagant.

Most of the time, I’m a big believer in non-violence.
You know, I’d go for negotiations before the punch in the mouth.
But situations like this, I might be able to get behind. Terrible acting? Definitely whipping is an appropriate response. Not from the actors, or directors, or anyone inside the process – but from the audience? I’m okay with this as a response.

But actually, it’s rarely the actors that deserve the whippings (though they are often insufferable.) It’s usually the creators of the piece, or maybe the producers who could do with a public beating. Like, who thought this was a good idea? Who will take responsibility for this drek? But, of course, I only ever enjoy the idea of it for a moment before I really think it through.

I guess what I like about the idea for a moment is the idea that an audience could care enough about a performance or a play to get up the energy and focus to give someone a whipping. Even standing ovations feel half-hearted in many theatres, like they’re standing because they should, or because they paid too much money to NOT make themselves enjoy it.

So, no, I don’t think I’d whip the passion tearing fellow who o’er does Termagant. Nor would I whip the director for pushing him in that direction. Nor the producer for putting things together in such a cock-eyed fashion.

I guess that’s one of the reasons we dispensed with whipping as a means of civil enforcement years ago. It’s a bit of a blunt instrument for something much too complex. But I do wish we all cared enough to want to whip.


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