Let her be round with him, And I’ll be placed, so please you, in the ear Of all their conference.

How is being “round” with Hamlet meant to get him to “show his grief?” Unless I’m misunderstanding being round, I’ve never known stern anger to be particularly effective at inspiring heart to heart sharing. If you want someone to show you his grief, giving him a stern talking to is unlikely to crack those grief gates. If you want someone to share their feeling with you, it rarely serves to put them on the defensive.

I’ve seen a lot of grief in my time. A lot of it was grief that had not been previously been shown to anyone else. In most instances, the grief was revealed in quiet, in respectful sharing, in empathy, in simply attending to, in listening.

I guess, though, this Royal family here isn’t the BEST at listening. Good at talking – all of them. Listening? Not so much.


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