I say we will have no more marriage.

Why, I have had none yet!
And I may never.
Something I am not entirely sure how I feel about.
But I have been witness to many marriages and also many divorces. I grew up in one. And watching a dear friend be run through the rack of divorce definitively puts me closer to this declaration than at other times. And when I watched my friends get married on the heels of the law finally catching up with the world and making sense, I slipped easily to the other side – to a world of “Everyone should get married! Let’s marry everyone! This is so lovely!”

As a child of divorce, I am on one hand, terribly cynical about marriage and on the other, impossibly romantic. I am partnered with someone who has been through the wheel of both marriage and divorce and if he ever had that romantic idea about marrying – it was ground out of him through the turning of the divorce wheel. And so the balance tips away from romance.

Another friend is waiting for her partner to propose. They’ve already agreed on the marriage. They need it to stay in the same country with one another. But he wanted to propose and she wanted him to have that experience if he wanted it. So now she’s waiting anxiously. Mostly because she’s worried about the paperwork.

There were a few years there in which I was going to weddings all the time. It’s slowed down now. And the divorces are kicking in. And the deaths. I expect there will be at least a FEW more marriages, though.


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