O heavenly powers restore him!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a Department of Heavenly Powers that covered mental illness and if you prayed to it, it would respond?  

It would be an old school 50s style office with a stenopool and everyone in Heavenly Power suits. 

And when you made a request like this, it would go in through the department’s in-box as a Sanity Request Form (SRF,) where a secretary would pick it up and carry it to the filing room. The file clerk would then search for the person in question. (Denmark, Prince of, Hamlet) He’d hand the file to the secretary who would then deliver it to the Sanity Officer’s desk. He’d open it, (This one’s not so thick, is it possible he’s not really mad?) and read it over.

He then makes his recommendation to restore or not restore sanity to the subject. This recommendation is handed to the board, along with the file where the committee of Heavenly Powers of Restoration will vote on approval (or not) of the officer’s recommendation. If the vote is to restore, they feed the file into a little time clock device and pull the lever, at which point, sanity will rain down upon the subject like a refreshing summer rain.  


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