To a nunnery, go, and quickly too.

The repetition of this nunnery stuff is challenging my writerly impulses. How much material can I generate on nunneries? I fear I may have reached my threshold and yet there is still more nunnery to be encountered ahead. This one is the only one with speed. . . so it makes me think of getting to a nunnery in a hurry – but otherwise. . .creativity TAXED. I can feel how much Hamlet is beating this nunnery drum, can see why we usually call this “The Nunnery Scene.” He is relentless in returning to this idea. And I suppose, as a concept, it makes a lot of sense to Hamlet. He may not want to marry this woman anymore but he probably doesn’t want anyone else to, either. A nunnery is a perfect, elegant solution to that problem. It’s a hassle free way to cast off a girlfriend. I’d like to see a scene in which a woman breaks up with a man and suggests he go become a monk. And quickly too.

Certainly I wish some of my exes had done that instead of marrying and breeding.


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