Why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?

I’d like to meet the woman who’d want to be a breeder of sinners. I’ve known some women with the desire to have children, certainly. And if one wanted to reduce them to animals – you could call them breeders. But breeding does really seem to simply be that someone’s using you to reproduce. So. . .I doubt anyone would really want to be thought a BREEDER. As for a breeder of sinners. Well, that’s another matter. That would be someone who wanted to set up a little sin factory. That might be good fun.

There’s the lecher’s section, the gluttons section, the murderous ones – all little worlds within the factory raising up little pockets of sin.

The babies born to the adulterous word will take some time to grow into the their roles. How will they train for their future adulterous lives? Are they trained in creating trust and then betraying it? Do they practice obtaining love and denying it?

It’s so much more comforting to think of all the evils in people coming just from a handful of them raised up in the sin factory. It would be simpler and easier to know what sort of sin you were dealing with – to have each person likely to only betray you with one sin – to not
have to fear that some sin was burned deep in someone you loved.


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