I did love you once.

Hey, Theatre –
What’s up? I know it seems like I hate you these days. Almost every time I’m with you, I get angry and frustrated. I’ve seen you go some places I don’t like, do some thing I don’t agree with make crazy decisions, treat those that love you badly, break lots of peoples’ hearts. And if I don’t love you now, well, it’s important to remember that I did love you once. I did. And I can’t break up with you, Theatre. I think about it all the time; you’ve made my life something of a joke.
But even when I hate you, I remember how I loved you. And then something clicks into place and I don’t just remember that I loved you once, I can feel it again, now. It’s not often. It takes a shockingly good performance or a thrilling rehearsal or something like it. But it is enough to keep me coming back to you. It’s somehow enough.


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