Who would fardels bear,To grunt and sweat under a weary life

I’m breaking this sentence up. I imagine that some editors do the same. It’s just such a giant bit of text. And not just a lot of words but a lot of complex ideas and a lot of words. So we’ll begin with the fardels and move on to the undiscovered country tomorrow. 
Today, life really does feel a bit like plowing forward under the yoke of something. There’s a way that it feels a little relentlessly difficult. When I was in my 20s, it seemed as if a better way was always around the corner. Everyone seems to be poor in their 20s – even the rich people. Then I noticed that all around me people were doing lots better than they used to be. They got jobs with salaries. They had families. And my life is still very much like it was when I was 25. I’m just as poor, if not poorer – but I have less hope for that being different and fewer people in my same boat. When there is no real hope for change, it can feel like a long hard slog across a muddy field, with a bundle of hardship on my back.   


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