The pangs of despised love,

Despised love was never really my problem. Unrequited love, sure. Apathetic love, yep. Tepid love, yes. Not really anything like love love and let’s not call it love love were the dominate romances. Unrequited love was my hobby. For years, my natural state seemed to be LONGING for someone, pining, wishing.

Sometimes someone I was silently following would surprise me by turning around but we never got in deep enough to get to despising. I can’t think of anyone I’ve loved who I later despised or who I despised that I later loved.

There are those who disappointed me, those who disappointed themselves, those that broke my heart or whose heart I broke. Those that burned bright and those that fizzled out. But if any if them despised me, I don’t know about it. Hopefully, even in all the drama of loving we all tried to be kind to each other.


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