Perchance to dream.

I dreamed I was directing Hamlet last night. I’d read a bunch of stuff about women directors before bed so I think it snuck into my subconscious and I began directing in my dreams. Going to Directing School took most of the joy out of directing for me so usually these dreams are not pleasant ones. They can be stress dreams, ones I can wake up from in a sweat.

But strangely, despite the fact that directing can be one of the most demanding, stressful things I do, most my anxiety dreams are not theatre dreams.

No, when I truly wake up panicked, it is 9 times out of 10 a Packing dream. I have to be somewhere and I’m already late and I have this entire apartment to pack up in as little time as possible. It could be a plane I’m late for or a show but whatever it is, I have to get a whole lot of things into boxes before I go. As nightmares go, it’s pretty banal. Maybe that’s why dreams don’t really scare me too much. I can handle most of what my brain cooks up.


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