They are here about the court And, as I think, they have already order This night to play before him.

And were there command performances for just one person?

Like, when the Players are commissioned for The Mousetrap, they could be preparing to perform just for Hamlet – would that happen?

We know it’s not so here, as the whole plot hinges on Hamlet getting a particular audience in the room but are there Princes who just want to watch a show by themselves?

I imagine it doesn’t happen much, given how rare ACTUAL solitude would be for royalty. Even if you watched a play alone, you probably also have a handful of staff on hand. And if any dignitaries are around, it would be awfully rude to have a show and not invite them over to watch it.

So performing before a royal personage, as much as it sounds like performing for one person is likely to be a roomful.


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