O, vengeance!

I just saw a rat scurry from under a van to a mini-van and in the direction of an ambulance. It is the middle of the day. And a rainy one no less. What is that rat doing on a busy city street in the middle of the day?

I don’t hate many people. I couldn’t think of anyone I wished vengeance on. The wrongs I’ve had done to me are such that vengeance would be overkill. I might get some schadenfreudic pleasure at some folks’ misfortune. I might really enjoy witnessing one or two people’s come-uppance. I have to confess, while I wouldn’t wish it on them (or would I?,) I might get a tiny bit of satisfaction.

And that rat running up the road right now has never done anything to me. But because rats scare me, I wouldn’t say no to a little bit of vengeance, you know, from someone with more fire than I.

But maybe, you know, that rat is running up the road for his own vengeance. That ambulance ahead perhaps ran over his brother and he’s risking the diurnal spirits to go and chew on its tires.


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