Follow that lord, and look you mock him not.

Follow that lord, and look you mock him not.
In one of my first clown classes, we did an exercise in which all the clowns were students in a classroom. Our teacher (the extraordinary Jane Nichols) played The Teacher. Our chairs were arranged in typical classroom lines. When we began, The Teacher was very stern with us. Then she told us she was leaving the room. She gave us three very important rules. One of them was “No swearing” – the other two MAY have been “No touching” and maybe “No throwing paper.”
Whatever they were, the instant we were left alone, all three rules were instantly broken. And broken with great relish and pleasure.
Now, in this instance it was very clear that we were meant to break the rules. We were clowns in a clown class – a basic part of an instruction is learning how to disrupt, to be disobedient, to break all rules but the rules of pleasure and confusion.
Hamlet might just be pulling a Clown teacher move here. Whatever you do, don’t swear. Don’t make fun of this guy.


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