Come, sirs.

This fall I saw two single gendered companies. The all male cast was the one I saw most recently. There is something so familiar about it, a sense that the entire company is bang on task and I imagine their company manager leading them out together this way, with
“Come Sirs.”

While the male company was the more highly publicized of the two, the more celebrated, the more expensive, the more lauded, it was also (despite all the hype) very much business as usual. I felt as though I’d seen much the same piece on other stages with a slightly smaller budget.

The female company’s show, by contrast, was not something I’d seen before, even though I’ve seen many all female Shakespeare productions. There was something new about it. Something unfamiliar and even though the show wasn’t all I’d hoped it would be, there was something so satisfying about not really knowing what was going on all the time, that expectations for roles, for characters, were just by virtue of being out of context for a change was very very compelling.

Also, I had the sense that when this group’s company manager led them with, “Come, ladies.” They may not have all come running at once.


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