After your death you were better have a bad epitaph than their ill report while you live.

I’ve not given much thought to my epitaph lately. There was a period, when I was doing a lot of “work on myself” where I thought about it quite a lot. I examined bits of my behavior and wondered if that was really my goal. In other words, did I want my epitaph to read things like, “She was very appropriate.” Or “She was always nice.” Or “She never got into trouble.” Or “She didn’t ask for much.”? Nope.

And I couldn’t be credited for any of these things anymore – probably because I adjusted what I wanted for myself. i.e. I wanted my epitaph to read more like, “She achieved more than anyone thought possible.” Or “She made the impossible possible.” Or “She fought for the good stuff.” OR “She made good art.” Nay, “She made Great art.”
Still working on making some of those true.


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