But if the gods themselves did see her then, When she saw Pyrrhus make malicious part In mincing with his sword her husband’s limbs, The instant burst of clamor that she made Unless things mortal move them not at all, Would have made milch the burning eyes of heaven And passion in the gods.’

Mincing limbs?! No wonder Pyrrhus is covered in blood. It’s not enough to chop off someone’s head; You’ve got to slice his arms and legs up into tiny pieces as well? I guess Pyrrhus is the kind of guy who really takes pleasure in his work and he’s just lucky his work happens to be chopping people up professionally. What a lucky little warrior!

But clearly this is excessive. That’s the gist of this whole passage. But what’s odd is that imagining this scene doesn’t make me milch my burning eyes. It just makes me feel kind of sick and disgusted. Hecuba’s grief before we get to the limb dicing is the really moving thing as far as I’m concerned. But maybe you really have to push forward into deep gore to make the gods cry.


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