That’s good.

I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of something that’s good. There are, of course, in the great stretches of the planet MANY things that are good but because I’m in a dark moment of my life, I’m finding it hard to think of one. Because, of course, this good thing must relate to me. It can’t just be an objectively good thing. It can’t be rainbows over waterfalls in Hawaii. It can’t be the Bolshoi Ballet or the Pyramids. It can’t be baby hedgehogs on the internet. That would be a brilliant exercise, though, listing all that is good in the world. In fact, I’m sure I’ve done that very thing MANY times before. Let’s check my journals from the last 20 years and see what we find.

HOWEVER. I finally came up with something that is good in my current life in this current moment and then I feel like an ass for not thinking of it right away, for not celebrating, for not floating around the city with joy. My student loans are about to be paid off. There is a check on its way to my loan company and when it arrives, I will no longer have student debt. It’s magic. One member of my family made a very generous move and magically, I am free. That’s good.


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