‘But who, ah woe! had seen the mobled Queen –‘

After months and months of, first rehearsing, then performing, Hamlet – this was the line that sang to me. When it was all over, I would often get it stuck in my head, like a song, sang it like a song, I can still sing it like a song.

I came to think about Hecuba quite a bit because of this musical line. I developed an affinity for her, always as the mobled Queen, even when I couldn’t tell you what mobled meant. I couldn’t tell you why I love it anymore than I can tell you why I love the horns that kick in “Tightrope”, right after she says, “Now shut up.”

Unless, perhaps, it’s the same reason, a highly lyrical line right after an interruption that puts space around a complete change in direction. I could sing it all day.


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