So, proceed you.

Punctuation alert! Punctuation alert! Question about this comma here. I’ve almost always heard it spoken as if there were no comma here (and probably there isn’t one in many editions.) The sense is often “continue in this manner.” I see the value of the comma – it shifts the meaning somehow – makes the “so” more of a stalling word than an instruction for how to proceed.
But once we open the Pandora’s box of punctuation (given that punctuation is free game for the editors) it could be: So – proceed you. So could be part of the text about Pyrrhus. In other words, it could be part of the line before. It could be:
“So ———–
Proceed you.
And thereby providing a moment for Hamlet to forget what comes next. It could be: So. Proceed you.
So! Proceed you.
Fun with punctuation.


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