What speech, my good lord?

So many times, upon hearing that I am a performer, I have been asked to a little acting or sing a little song. Aside from the wretched sense of embarrassment. I mentally felt in that situation, there was also always this question. What speech? What song? I somehow was always more likely to acquiesce to the request if a specific request was made. Somehow the request to speak a specific text or a specific song, saves me a lot of the embarrassment. Without that specificity, I turn into a jukebox whirring through all the text in my head trying to choose the right one, not knowing any of the criteria for the right one.

So I get stuck in the whir, cycling from one record to the next, one speech to the next, one song to the next, rejecting each one in turn. This one? No. This one? No. This one? No. I just need someone to make the selection. I don’t function well on Random.


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