Come, give us a taste of your quality.

In addition to working with the actual masks, we explored the masks as types, bare-faced. S was playing the Trickster, his focus on his left eyebrow. There were three of us in a group. S said things to T while I observed. Or maybe I was meant to be doing something else but all I recall doing was observing. In this character, S was meant to be doing something to T. Was it to make her blush? Was that his goal? Well, that’s what he achieved when he said, full of salaciousness, “I bet you taste great.”

It made me extremely uncomfortable, too. It was a moment of great success, acting-wise but definitely a little too close to home life-wise. I think every woman has had some trickster say something inappropriate to her that made her both horrified and intrigued. Or at least just horrified.

Anyway, I just imagined S’s trickster saying this line and T blushing.


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