Happily he is the second time come to them.

What if swaddling old folks became the new fashion? When in danger of wandering out into the street getting hit by cars or setting their apartments on fire, you could just bundle them up in their swaddling blankets, tuck them up well and give them some comfort. Though, of course, I cannot imagine that swaddling would appeal to one who was used to having control of his own limbs. But maybe if it were a fashion?

I wonder if it feels at all like the hugging machine that Temple Grandin invented for herself. A comforting, squeezing sensation? Or if it were a club, like these laughing societies or cuddle clubs, maybe swaddling would really take off. You’d have to do it with people you really trusted, though, because it would be torture to be left all swaddled up and unable to unswaddle yourself


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