Let me comply with you in this garb, lest my extent to the players, which I tell you must show fairly outwards, should more appear like entertainment than yours.

It’s too bad Hamlet never gets to be king because I think he’d be a great leader.
This line, for example, strikes me as a very diplomatic and forward thinking thing to say. He’s aware of all of the ceremony and perceptions around ceremony and heading off a potential diplomatic problem before it even begins. I imagine a court is full of people jockeying for positions of favor and I imagine that someone else might not concern himself with the conflicts that could explode around the favors he, the prince, might give. I know very few leaders who are true leaders like this – who can address difficulties before they get nasty – who take responsibility for their own roles in those difficulties. I try to do it when I can and while it is not easy it does make everything cleaner and clearer to tackle the problems before they get too big.


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