There was, for awhile, no money bid for argument unless the poet and the player went to cuffs in the question.

Wait, wait, wait – poets and players were duking it out?
There were fights between poets and players?
And people put money on them?

I’m not particularly interested in watching fights in general – but I might not be able to resist a poet/player rumble. In this corner, the poet with the plums, William Carlos Williams! And in this corner, the player with a plan, John Wilkes Booth!
Ding Ding!
Next up that retiring Belle of Amherst versus the actress with the wooden leg: Emily Dickinson takes on Sarah Bernhardt! Sarah may know how to sword fight but Emily does not stop for death. Match of the century. Centuries. . .
Place your bets, Ladies and Gentlemen – those poet shirts and pantaloons are getting torn tonight.


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