But there, sir, an eyrie of children, little eyases, that cry out on the top of question and are most tyrannically clapped for’t.

So there’s a company of children putting on shows and the shows would appear to feature some singing and loud crying. People love them doing whatever crying on whatever the topic of question might be. I’d love to know more about these children’s companies. These were a trend in Shakespeare’s London and that this is a dig at them. And I suspect that this is someone’s thesis somewhere. And I’d be curious to read it.

These child companies remind me of one of my favorite TV sketches. It’s called Shutterbugs and in it, these showbiz agents behave just like showbiz agents do with adults, except they traffic in children. They make a movie featuring all children. It’s Lil 911 – those kids are crying out on the top of question.


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