Do they grow rusty?

It’s hard to get rusty when you’re working, doing show after show, playing the game everyday.

Rust comes from disuse, from waiting, from sitting, untested, unstretched – just parked in the rain waiting for the sun to emerge. It’s the not doing, the fallow periods that can cripple a technique. It’s those months of no action that can make you think you don’t know how to do it anymore.

Doing it day after day might make you rigid and boring or robotic and disconnected but the danger there is less rustiness and more smoothness. They could grow too slick, too safe, like watching someone open a garage door with a button. Like closing the window in a car over and over with a little lever instead of watching someone turn it with his arm. Without a little bit of effort, without a little bit of danger, that slickness is dull. I’d rather watch someone rusty.


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