How chances it they travel?

It would seem that the economics of theatrical production were such that a company would be sort of 2nd tier. The successful company remains in residence but when times get tough they hit the road. I haven’t really seen it work that way these days. If the Guthrie, for example, decides to tour, it is in addition to their home season. It doesn’t close up shop and take the show on the road. But then so much of theatre these days is building-centric. The season is created to raise money to keep the building operational. Even for the tiny producer like me, we have to rent a building to do a show. Touring is an advanced skill, not a 2nd choice. It may be a money maker but it is also a money taker. Most people do it to increase their reputations more than to improve their circumstances.
Me, I’m desperate to travel. But I can’t figure out how to afford it.


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