And the lady shall say her mind freely, or the blank verse shall halt for’t.

This is as good a reason as any to have the lady speak her mind. I don’t much care why a lady gets to say her mind as long as she does. And I’d like to add that she should get to say her mind freely and not suffer threats because of it.

The preponderance of rape and death threats against women speaking up about misogyny, rape culture and other feminist issues is pretty horrifying. It also explains a certain reluctance women have to speak freely. It explains why I was afraid to do it myself. It’s all well and good to say everyone is free to speak their minds but if the direct consequences of doing so are so unpleasant, well, anyone would quickly learn not to do it.

I can only hope that the virulence that has been emerging when women speak their minds freely is evidence that times are changing and that the virulence is the last grasp of a dying patriarchy.


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