What say you?

In the pep talk Scott gave me last night, he told me a story of how he responded to the flurry of words the somewhat crazy director threw at him one day. He just let her talk until she ran out of things to say. Then he said nothing.

She barked at him, “You’re just looking at me.”

He said nothing. She shouted, “Aren’t you going to say something? Say something!”

Which, after a pause, he simply said, “Tell me more about. . .”

I admire this strategy. It compels a person who seemingly only wanted to talk (and not listen much) to activity seek a response. It would seem to make them listen.

I find I am often railroaded into talking before I’m ready or before the other person seems ready to listen. I end up feeling like I have no authority to have the conversation I want to have because I am so busy responding to what’s being thrown at me.

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