A dream itself is but a shadow.

Scientifically, this metaphor makes a good deal of sense. On the radio, there was a scientist who, after climbing rocks all day, dreamed, vividly of climbing rocks. He set out to investigate dreaming, something that is scientifically quite tricky to explore. He searched for an activity that would reliably produce dreams and thought none would ever emerge. Then his students told him about Tetris and how playing a lot of Tetris would cause you to see falling bricks in the first flushes of sleep. And it was so.

And he concluded that many dreams are like Tetris, that we dream of what we did, we dream of a shadow of our days, we dream of a suggestion of what we did.
We don’t see the computer and the mouse. We don’t feel the chair. We don’t include the light outside or the music playing. We just dream of the bricks. We dream the essence of the thing or the silhouette. Or the shadow.


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