For there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

Zen and the Art of Shakespeare.

This is like that story where the guy gets good news and he says something like, “We’ll see.” And also sigh bad news, like his kid breaks his leg and everyone asks him why he’s not upset and he’s like – well, he’s like, philosophical, like Hamlet here. I don’t recall all the details but basically the kid with the broken leg doesn’t have to go to war when they go around rounding up soldiers because of his leg. And we’re meant to see the kid’s father as wise because he neither wept for his son’s broken leg nor celebrated his reprieve. We’re meant to see it as nothing either good or bad.

I am not a fan of this story, I will confess. It sounds, to me, like a one-noted life in which successes are never celebrated and losses never mourned. It may be true that our thinking creates the world but I think we HAVE to feel it, too.

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