On Fortune’s cap we are not the very button.

Is this as much to say as we’re not riding too high, we’re not on top of the world just now? Someone who was the button of Fortune’s Cap would be above all else, would be the cherry on the top of the Good Luck Sundae.

I’m reading QUIET right now and the button on Fortune’s Cap at the start of that book would seem to be Tony Robbins. He would seem to be the sort of person who might greet you and tell you how on top of the world he was, how great he was doing. He could not play Guildenstern, he could only play a king and not one of Shakespeare’s Kings either, he’d need too much vulnerability for that – no, he’d have to play a fairy tale king, a Disney King. We would seem to live in a world full of buttons sitting on Fortune’s cap, which is all well and good for the buttons but the buttons would not seem to be the most interesting parts of Fortune. We’ll get to those later.

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