As the indifferent children of the earth.

Has anyone written this sci fi novel yet? The Indifferent Children of the Earth would seem to be a big hit in the right circles. It’s probably a Dystopian story – one in which the children of Earth, at first indifferent to their mother, then become quite careless with her and then, with neglect and destructive behaviors, destroy her altogether. This is a story we read almost every day in newspapers and magazines. It is our latest narrative –the one of us, the indifferent children of the earth. It is such a popular story that many children actual children, you know, who play with toys and are cute and stuff. These actual children believe that this story is inevitable, that our indifference is inevitable, that the ultimate destruction of our planet is a foregone conclusion. And so dystopian sci fi turns to predictive text, almost non-fiction.

Do we have to be indifferent? Does Rosencrantz? It’s a weird position to take.

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