These tedious old fools!

I’m writing this on a brief pause from sitting by my grandfather’s deathbed. I read this line and felt my lips rise up in distaste. Today of all days, I don’t want to think of the old as tedious fools. Today is a day I want to honor the life of one is who is very old and who is ready to go, to honor all of those who somehow managed to hang on, tooth and nail, to their lives. It’s remarkable, really, and a privilege to sit by the bedside of one who is going. But I can’t lie. It is filled with tedium, as well. Not from him. The man is not tedious but the sitting in a room, waiting and not waiting and not wanting to be waiting but waiting none the less – that bit is tedious. But not like any other kind of tedium. It is different than a tedious Sunday afternoon before dinner when there is nothing but quiet in the house. It is a tedium full of potentiality, the way a film set can be tedious or the hours before the election results are revealed.
It is a tedium I better get quickly back to and a tedium to contribute to. I play the fool in this moment. It does help. And I’m the youngest.

One thought on “These tedious old fools!

  1. mlkindred September 15, 2021 / 3:47 pm

    Nicely put. I’m glad that you were, all these seven years ago, able to be with your grandfather.

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