Will you walk out of the air, my lord?

Fresh air, right? He’s suggesting a nice walk outdoors with some high quality refreshing air. Walking out OF the air complicates it somewhat but also makes it more interesting.

Because it could be about walking out of the current air, too, I suppose. Like a conference room full of smoke, or a place full of tensions and discomforts. Just walking OUT of that air could really do a person some favors.

Fresh air, though, that’s the really good stuff. Is there some scientific study on getting some fresh air? Like, what does fresh actually do for us? Is there a biological benefit to the air that we escape to, when we’ve been inside breathing one another’s air for too long? Is there more oxygen out there? Of course there would be, right? There’s more space for it to circulate and all that oxygen’s just bound to be better for us.


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