What do you read, my lord?

This is what I read: My List on Goodreads

My friend spent months campaigning for me to join this site. I shrugged her off again and again saying I was involved in too many social networks already.
“I already HAVE a couple of MySpace accounts!” I cried. “I don’t have time to deal with this book thing!”
But I caved. And I found I loved writing about what I was reading and the friend who’d asked me to join loved reading what I was writing. In a way, I wrote them all for her. For a while, I wrote about almost every book I read. Then I got behind and now I only manage to post when I get inspired to, despite the hundreds of snippets of what I would say, running around in my head.
I think, too, the friend who implored me to join had a baby and understandably didn’t have much time to read or to read about reading and so I lost my motivation for sharing all the thoughts about books.

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