But as your daughter may conceive, friend, look to’t.

Did she ever tell her parents what happened that summer? Do they know how close to death she came, in battling that conception. A few years later, she was married, that much I know and maybe the passage of time released the intolerance of her parents. Maybe, once her child was born (I assume she conceived again) she could look back on that first awful conception and find her own parents more compassionate.

I wonder about those parents who judge their daughters so harshly that they feel they must go underground, risk it all to be free of the shame or the imperious morality. I wonder about the parents of those daughters who lost their lives to coat-hangers or unsterilized instruments or perilous circumstances. Do they wish their daughters had been less afraid of them? Wish they could have supported their children instead of sending them to the knife under the dark of night?

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