Honest, my lord?

I read David Foster Wallace’s article about John McCain’s 2000 election bid. It is 2013 as I write this (and 2014 as I post this) so a lot of time has passed, both since 2000 and since 2008 when McCain was the actual nominee, not just the contender. It was an extraordinary look INSIDE the political machine, how things got done, what gets done and how it changes the people that are part of it.
There was a thing about honesty – a thing in which McCain sold himself as The Candidate who would Tell you the Truth, and in the beginning , in taking aim at uncomfortable truths about his fellow politicians, he did, in fact, seem to be doing that. But DFW points out that as soon as it became clear that McCain could win, he suddenly had something to lose and what was “the truth” began to seem a lot muddier. So what began as the campaign of an outsider telling truth to power evolved (or devolved) into the campaign of selling the image of a man telling truth to power, while getting closer and closer to that power himself. The Straight Talk Express was the name of the bus and “Straight Talk” the cloak that that political speech got cloaked in.

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