I’ll board him presently.

I’ll board him presently.

The S.S. Hamlet, docked on the South side. You have to wait for the crew to lower the gangway; the S.S. Hamlet does not take kindly to being boarded by rope or surprise. It is a hell of a ship. Spic n Span. Yar. It is run with precision and rigor. It does have a tendency to digress. It takes tours of unexpected places, full of poetry and wonder. It navigates choppy waters gracefully and the log is full of each toss, each turn of the ocean.
You’ll want your own cabin. The quarters are close and it’s hard to get space to yourself.
It’s a regal ship, but not a pretentious one. Ordered but not militaristic. Journey on the S.S. Hamlet and you will have an unforgettable trip. If you just stay on the edges, you’ll come out alright.

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