Good madam, stay awhile.

I’m trying to find a way to interpret this line a way that isn’t condescending. From every angle I look at it, it has a patronizing hue. From one side, it has a Calm-down-little-lady-stick-around-for-the-end-of-the-story quality.
From another side: “Now, now. Don’t go anywhere.”
Or a “You’ll get your answer in a minute.”
Or – and this is one I’ve said – “Just watch the movie.”
A woman, who I loathed but was obligated to spend a lot of time with, couldn’t watch a film or a play without asking a multitude of inane questions. “Who’s that?” “Why’s he stabbing him?” “Why is she crying?” “Why does he have a skull?”
She was particularly aggravated by the mysteries of plot. When an unidentified stranger appeared on the scene, she asked, “Who’s that?” and expected an answer. She was never happy getting the answer from the story. You could say, “We don’t know yet. He’s a stranger.” But it didn’t help. So in order not to miss any of the plot yourself, you’d pretty much have to say, “Just watch the movie. We’ll find out.”

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