But you shall hear.

There was a video floating around the internet a while back of a child hearing for the first time. He’d just had a cochlear implant and had never heard anything before. After the operation, they filmed him as they activated the implant. He hears his mother’s voice for the first time. It’s an image of wonder. The child responds with delight. It’s like we get to watch a kid’s world expand exponentially in an instant. We watch him enter a whole new world and it is glorious.
There are stories, though, of adults who have had this surgery and upon hearing the world for the first time, are completely overwhelmed by it. Their brains have no way of making sense of all that they hear so that they cannot distinguish the hum of the machine from the hum of a friend. It all sounds like an extraordinary wave of noise and it cannot be turned off. I think at least one person reversed the surgery, preferring the silence to the constant roar of unintelligible sound.

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