Go to your rest.

There’s a finality to this wish – as if sending these guys off to their death. And if I’m not mistaken, this is the last we see of Voltemand and Cornelius, so they might as well be going off to their final retirement.
Or, if they were robot ambassadors, they exit and climb into their re-charging stations where their batteries are removed until future use. Or a cryogenic freezing chamber where they suspend the lives of ambassadors until they are needed again.
Voltemand and Cornelius go off to their rest and are not seen again. What if they went off to sleep and slept so hard and sound that they didn’t wake for days and when they woke up, they were Norwegian?
Is this what happens? All the Danish royalty dies before Fortinbras shows up. Who’s left to rule Denmark but the Norwegian guy? Voltemand and Cornelius stumble out of their days of sleep and rub their eyes, wondering where their diplomatic work went wrong.

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