It likes us well.

If I were the King of Denmark, I would not like this so well. Let a guy in, who, up until a few moments before, was poised to invade my kingdom? And not just let him IN to my kingdom – but let him in with weapons and soldiers and war preparation? I’m sorry, I don’t care who he needs to invade now, he’s not walking through my kingdom with that army. Not even if his feeble old uncle (who he managed to put one over on before) vouches for him and swears up and down that he’s harmless. I suppose I might, if I were itching to use all the war stuff I just got together to defend the place from this guy. Maybe letting him in leaves all sorts of openings for misunderstandings on both his and our sides. Maybe if I find that exciting, I let him in. Or maybe Claudius is just more trusting than I am.

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