That do I long to hear.

“I’ve got this place for you to live rent free. When do you want to move in?”
“We’re booking your show on an extensive world tour.”
“We want to publish your novel and we’re giving you an advance so that you can take the time to edit it to your satisfaction.”
“Your partner’s show is going to be produced on Broadway.”
“We’ve found a way for you to move to London and make your work there.”
“We’re giving your company and your play a fat Research and Development grant.”
“We want to pay you to write what you’re already writing over on your blog.”
“We did the numbers and there’s finally gender parity in the American Theatre.”
“The American Theatre is more diverse than it’s ever been and is enjoying a tremendous renaissance.”
“Here’s a recording contract to record your lullabies. Pick your producer. We’ll pay you all.”
“Here’s a large donation to your theatre company. Make whatever you’d like and make sure to pay yourself a salary.”

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