And I beseech you instantly to visit My too much changéd son.

This “too much changéd” sums up exactly how I feel about someone in my life with mental illness. A little bit of change is inevitable. We are all constantly being changed – By the weather, the culture, the people around us, the choices we make, the things we do. But when someone is struck with what they once called “madness” – it is too much change.
At first, there was just a thunderstorm of madness, an enormous black cloud that descended and threw out lightning and downpours. This, I could weather, no question. I threw on a slick poncho and a wide brim hat and let the wind batter me in whatever direction it would.
Once the storm had passed, though, the landscape had changed, as if we had set sail in Tahiti and ended in Antarctica. We kept waiting for the boat to return but it seems iced in there, too much changed ever to return.